Step by Step How to become a Sonographer

Step by step How to become a Sonographer 

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Key points in the process. Pursue pass in the 10+2 examinations or equivalent with Biology from a reputed institution.

how to become a sonographer

For the Undergraduate Course of Ultrasonography, Aspirants must have passed the 10+2 examination or an equivalent from a recognized board or university in India with relevant specialization. The criterion of maximum marks varies, but an aggregate of 50-60% is required by most of colleges.

What is Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography or Sonography is a procedure of diagnosing internal conditions of different parts of the body by using high-frequency sound waves which are inaudible to human ears. The sound wave creates a path that processes the waves into videos that help sonographers to exactly know what’s going on inside the patient’s body.

In traditional ways, it is done through a stethoscope, but its benefit is limited, and due to the complex system of the human body, many problems cannot be diagnosed in this method. Therefore, ultrasound machines are used for that purpose.

This technology is used to diagnose various medical conditions. It helps to determine heart problems, abdominal health, and the development of the fetus during pregnancy. In addition to that, it also helps in the diagnosis of brain functions, joints, and ligament injuries, etc.

Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of Ultrasonography

Mentioned below are the eligibility criteria of ultrasonography that all the aspirants need to meet. 

For Undergraduate Course of Ultrasonography 

Aspirants must have passed the 10+2 examination or an equivalent from a recognized board or university in India with relevant specialization.

The criterion of minimum marks varies, but an aggregate of 50-60% is required by most colleges.

For Postgraduate Ultrasonography Course

Candidates who graduated in Medical Imaging technology are eligible to go for the master’s program in the same. They are eligible to pursue M.Sc., M.Phil, PG Diploma, Certificate, or Associate degree program.

Scope of Ultrasonography in India and Abroad

In India, the field of Ultrasonography is currently growing daily. There are the number of options to choose from in the field of Ultrasonography and the institutes giving out specializations are also increasing.

There are some areas of this field where there has to be a lot of development, such as abdominal and breast Sonography or Vascular Sonography.

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Hence, considering these upcoming developments, the scope for the sonography aspirants is steadily on the rise.

There is a huge scope in Sonography or Ultrasonography outside India. The graduates in Sonography are eligible to apply for various research institutes, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The specializations such as Echocardiography and Musculoskeletal Sonography are yet to become one of the major and most pursued specializations in the field of Ultrasonography.

Course Subjects

Anatomy, physiology, and health education

Ultrasonography Subjects

Basic of Physiology


Radiographic Photography

Computer Skills

Ultrasound Imaging

Imaging Technology

Radiological Physics

MRI and Digital Imaging

CT scan


Careers in Ultrasonography

The candidates who wish to build their career in Ultrasonography are fortunate. This is one of the fields which are regularly developing, especially in India. Hence, there are many hospitals, private or government where the demand for sonographers is increasing.

For better chances of getting hired, it is advised to the aspirants that they must complete their postgraduate courses along with a diploma, certificate, or associate degree.

After pursuing the required programs, they are eligible to work in different areas such as Abdominal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and breast sonography. They can use also other specializations such as fetal echocardiography, pediatric echocardiography, and ophthalmologic Sonography.

Working in research institutes and medical universities as professors or lecturers is also a great option for the candidates.

Upcoming trends

Ultrasound technology is emerging and proving to be cost-effective and accurate. In this scenario, innumerable developments are taking place. The technology is being used in almost all kinds of medical fields and saving patients from irrelevant and inaccurate diagnostic exams.

The economic friendly technology is also proving its effectiveness in low- and middle-income countries. Due to a great response to this technology, there are the latest trends that are being implemented on the same.

Some of those trends and improvements are as follows: -

1.      Real-time 3-D ultrasound (3DUS) imaging

2.      Imaging devices with a GPS

3.      Automated Lesion Segmentation 

4.      Canon Aplio 900 CV (used in visualizing the heart)

5.      Artificial Intelligence

6.      Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) (used in anesthesia and critical care)

7.      Shear wave elastography (SWE) (used in assessing tissue displacement)

8.      Contrast Ultrasound (in neurology, infertility, cardiology, pediatrics, drug delivery, and oncology)


What is the fee structure of the medical colleges providing courses in Ultrasonography?

Answer: The fee structure may range from ninety thousand to five lacs depending upon the location of the college or university. The fee structure is different in private and government colleges.

What is the duration of the Postgraduate Diploma Course and what it aims for?

Answer: The duration of the PG Diploma is 1 year. The course provides the students with knowledge of ultrasound and medical imaging techniques. The students learn to be clinically competent and obtain expertise in diagnostics work. The ultrasound technology is used in all medical units and hospitals. To get a better picture of the human organs has become important to treat any kind of ailment. Therefore, it’s a good decision to pursue this course in Ultrasonography.

How much do sonography specialists make?

Answer: The salary package of the sonography specialist varies according to the hospitals or recruiters. But an average salary of a sonographer ranges from 6-7 lacs annually.

What is the responsibility of a Musculoskeletal Sonographer?

Answer: A musculoskeletal Sonographer is responsible for providing real-time images of the ligaments, joints, muscles, and tendons. The images help in assessing the injuries more accurately and give a clear picture of the further treatment that a patient should go through. In the areas of sports, ligament and muscular injuries are common, and due to a growth in the sports field, cases of such injuries are a common happening. In such a situation, there is a demand for these specialists. The person performing this diagnosis must have a license and the required experience. After the tests, he must also consult a senior practitioner to look out for any default in the assessment of the patient.

What is the minimum requirement to become a sonographer in India?

Answer: The job profiles in the field of Ultrasonography require basic knowledge in the field of physics, chemistry, and biology. The candidates must be a graduate in Sonography, radiology, or medical imaging technology course from any reputed technology with an aggregate score. It’s a cherry on the cake if the candidate acquires a postgraduate course too. These courses aim to train an individual with the skills that are required in practice as a sonographer. The candidates must have some soft or technical skills too. They must be proficient in handling imaging and ultrasound equipment and should be patient in handling patients. They must have compassion and good communication skills.

How to earn certification in OB/GYN Ultrasound outside India?

Answer: The basic requirement of earning a certification in OB/GYN Ultrasound which is also called registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) outside India is to appear for the SPI or Sonography Principles Instrumentation Examination and the OB/GYN examination.

What are the highest paying jobs in Sonography or Medical Imaging?

Answer: Cardiac Sonographer, Neural Sonographer, Vascular Sonographer, OB/GYN Sonography, Cardiovascular technologist, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Radiation Therapist and Pediatric cardiac sonographer are some of the highest-paying jobs in the market of Ultrasonography

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