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Comparison of three best ultrasound

Abnormal uterus- Abnormal ovary, How to verify the image

Endovaginal ultrasound एंडोवैजिनल अल्ट्रासाउंड

Gynaecology गैर- गर्भवती महिला श्रोणि (non-pregnant femail pelvis)

Urinary Bladder-स्कैनिंग तकनीक, फर्क क्या है normal, abnormal bladder इमेज पहचाने

SPLEEN- Indication ,Preparation | NORMAL spleen, ABNORMAL spleen | How To Find Image

PANCREAS -Transverse Scan, Longitudinal Scan | NORMAL Pancreas | Indication, Recognize Image

GALLBLADDER AND BILIARY TRACT | Normal Anatomy Of Gallbladder, Enlarge gallbladder (Distended) | Indication, Preparation

LIVER, SCANNING technique | Normal Liver, Abnormal Liver | Acute Hepatitis , patient position

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